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Professional growth, advocacy, insurance coverage, practice tools, discount programs, medical education, news updates, and networking opportunities are all ways NMA membership works hard for you.

Background screening built with healthcare in mind.
One Source understands the healthcare industry is competitive and fast-paced, which is why they provide fast turnaround times and compliant screening solutions. A valuable resource for hiring teams of all sizes since 2004, they specialize in collaborative background check solutions with their screening packages tailorable to industry-specific needs through extensive customization options. When medical facilities partner with One Source, they are empowered to make educated onboarding decisions for their staff.

With One Source, you receive:

  • Comprehensive criminal searches at the county, state, federal, & global levels
  • 24-48-hour turnaround time
  • Real-time records with report ETAs
  • A paperless & mobile-friendly applicant experience
  • Compliance support from the moment you sign up

Onboarding doesn’t have to be a hassle when partnered with a trusted provider.
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Healthcare Banking for NMA Members

You handle the healthcare. We’ll handle the banking.

At UBT, our experts have the knowledge and experience that healthcare professionals like you need to ensure your personal and professional finances are running smoothly. From business banking solutions to investment management to mortgage options designed just for those in the medical industry, UBT is here to help you on your path to success. Get in touch today and find out what our people can do for you.

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Wealth Management Private Banking Retirement Plan Services Business Account Services Mortgage Services
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When it comes to analyzing compensation data, reviewing employment contracts, and negotiating for the terms you deserve, Resolve offers the complete package.
Resolve offers several contract review packages, which also include expanded salary data. With these packages, a specialized attorney will help you with the entire review and negotiation process. Resolve works only for physicians and offers flat-rate pricing at significantly lower rates than hiring an attorney on your own. As an added membership perk, NMA members receive a 10% discount on all Resolve packages!

Resolve offers free tools that let you look at salary and signing bonus numbers from real contracts (rData), as well as compare your contract to others in your specialty and region.

Free Benefits

  • Contract Scorecard Analysis – Enter the details of a new or existing contract to see how it stacks up.
  • Live Physician Salary Data (rData) – View verified physician salaries in your specialty and region.
  • Crowdsourcing – Have a subspecialty with little data? Submit and view crowdsourced salary data.

For more information: 877-758-3318 + +

Simplified Compliance Solutions  
The use and reliance on technology continues to evolve within the healthcare sector, bringing a rise in cyberattacks and data breaches right along with it. Abyde aims to provide Nebraska’s medical practices with the tools needed to identify, safeguard and mitigate the risks associated with a healthcare data breach.

  • Audit Protection
  • Customized Policy Generation
  • Responsive & Intuitive
  • Meet MACRA/MIPS Requirements

HIPAA General Checklist

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Bronze Sponsor of the NMA

The largest, most capable IT service company in Nebraska
Five Nines provides training, continuing education courses, webinars, important technology updates, and reduced prices for partnership agreements. Since 2007, Five Nines has partnered with Nebraska and Iowa-based companies to establish and grow their technology operations. With offices in Kearney, Central City, Lincoln, and Omaha, Five Nines is the largest, most capable IT service company in the Iowa-Nebraska region.

  • Discount on your monthly contract.
  • As more NMA members become Five Nines partners, the tiered discount grows.
  • Access to employee training.
  • Sponsorships and donations of your events and causes.
  • Endorsed subject-matter experts taking accountability for your IT.

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Risk Management Programs for You and Your Practice
The Nebraska Medical Association Group Health plan is your insurance consultant providing a full range of risk management and insurance services supporting the health care industry.

  • Risk Management services.
  • Insurance programs for Medical Professional Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and more.
  • Employee Benefit programs for Health, Life, Dental, and Disability.
  • Personal Insurance options.
  • Financial Planning services.

For more information: 402-474-4472 + +

Platinum-Plus Sponsor of the NMA

We’ve Got More Than Just Your Back
COPIC is a leading provider of medical liability insurance that goes beyond basic coverage to offer educational resources, expert guidance, and proven programs designed to address health care risks and support better outcomes. They are known for their industry-leading patient safety/risk management programs and unparalleled defense. Founded by physicians, COPIC is backed by decades of experience and a long-term commitment to maintaining a strong, stable health care environment in Nebraska. COPIC is proud to be the endorsed carrier of the Nebraska Medical Association.

Benefits of COPIC coverage:

  • Up to a 20% premium reduction for NMA members: members receive a 10% premium reduction and qualify for an additional 10% premium reduction for participating in the COPIC Points Program.
  • Physician-led company recognized for its patient safety and risk management programs.
  • 24/7 risk management hotline staffed by physicians for guidance in urgent situations.
  • Frequency of claims is 30% less than the national average.
  • On-site and virtual reviews that identify high-risk areas and best practices to address these.
  • 20+ years of experience with communication and resolution programs that address patients’ needs after an unexpected outcome occurs.
  • An array of educational activities that include seminars, on-demand courses, and multiday conferences, and these often qualify for CME/CNE credit.

For more information: 720-858-6199 + +

Platinum Sponsor of the NMA

MedicareOnDemand does much more than help patients compare Medicare plans. We provide NMA members with an online platform full of resources to help patients navigate Medicare and retain and grow your relationships. Patients engage on their terms and connect with licensed insurance agents that represent your organization’s accepted Medicare plans and financial objectives. We’re committed to patient retention by serving their Medicare insurance needs now and over time. Visit: to see for yourself.

For more information, NMA Members can click here, contact us on our website, or email

Silver-Level Annual Sponsor of the NMA

Individual leadership coaching tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals and brought to you by the experts from the Physicians Leadership Academy.
One-on-one coaching is beneficial for:

  • High-potential candidates, who are being groomed for leadership positions, can benefit from targeted coaching aimed at leveraging their strengths, filling in any gaps, and helping them learn to scale their leadership.
  • Strong performers who have reached a plateau in their career and are beginning to feel the stress of burnout can benefit from assistance in re-discovering what brought them to the profession.
  • Talented individuals whose behavior is disruptive, troublesome and impacting organizational culture can benefit from an intensive intervention aimed at turning around behavior and turning a liability into an asset.

For more information: 402-871-8424 + +

Transform your leadership skills and grow your talents through a comprehensive training program specifically designed for the needs and culture of doctors.

  • Identify and strengthen 18 creative leadership competencies, and identify and lessen 9 reactive tendencies that limit effectiveness at work and in life.
  • The Academy includes “know yourself” assessment surveys, results-driven immersion, training seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions with renowned business coach and leadership expert Pam Hernandez.
  • Unique opportunity to gain actionable insight on your strengths and challenges.

For more information: 402-474-4472 + +

Dragon Medical One is the future of medical documentation, revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals handle patient records, saving time, improving accuracy, and enhancing overall patient care.

As a valued NMA member, you save 20% on your first year of Dragon Medical One. Key benefits include:

  • Efficient Documentation: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual note-taking. Dragon Medical One allows healthcare professionals to dictate patient records, saving valuable time.
  • Accuracy: It ensures highly accurate transcriptions, minimizing errors in patient records and improving clinical documentation quality.
  • Voice-Activated: A hands-free solution, perfect for busy healthcare settings. Simply speak, and Dragon Medical One transcribes your voice into text.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with EHR systems, enhancing workflow efficiency and making patient data accessible instantly.
  • Customization: Tailor it to your medical specialty for precise recognition and specific medical terminologies, reducing frustration and increasing accuracy.
  • Mobility: Accessible on various devices, including smartphones, making it convenient for on-the-go healthcare professionals.
  • Compliance: Ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations, safeguarding patient data and privacy.
  • Cost-Effective: Streamlines documentation processes, reducing administrative costs and allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

For more information: 239-899-5300 + NMA and Nuance

Local Payment Processing Solutions
Nebraska-owned, family-operated merchant services provider with offices in both Lincoln and Omaha. NMA members can access industry-low rates, local support, and up-to-date payment processing solutions. CHIPD offers a variety of solutions to fit your office’s needs including terminal-based, web-based, and mobile.

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Compatible with most existing equipment.
  • Cutting-edge credit card hardware and web-based systems.
  • Online ‘Make a Payment’ website payment portal.
  • Lowest pricing for new chip-ready terminals.
  • Next day funding available (if settled before 6 pm CST).
  • Recurring payments.
  • Virtual terminal for back office processing.

For more information: 402-206-2233 + +

Save Thousands on Your Student Loans by Refinancing with a Community Lender
NMA has partnered with LendKey to give members access to LendKey’s exclusive network of 250+ community lenders for free refinancing offers in minutes.

  • Highest chance of approval with LendKey’s network of not-for-profit lenders.
  • Check real rates in two minutes and keep payments low with an interest-only payment option.
  • No handoffs mean you’re with our customer care team from application to final payment.
  • Refinance all private and federal student loans for undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Even more benefits like cosigner release, unemployment protection, and no fees.

For more information: 888-549-9050 + +

Offering the latest technology solutions to keep your business running at its peak.
We provide reliable, customized information technology (IT) and audiovisual (AV) services so you never have to worry about downtime getting in the way. We’re always looking for innovative ways to procure, install, and support equipment that meshes with your long-term business goals. By blending the latest in IT and AV, we design, develop, and deploy seamless technology platforms that align with all of your objectives.

  • NMA members are eligible for a 10% discount on monthly managed services.
  • Onsite and remote support, Office 365 email backup, cloud-based file sharing, and business continuity/server backup.
  • Managed antivirus, advanced content filtering, and email security and encryption.
  • Security awareness training, and ongoing HIPAA compliance including a risk analysis and proactive remediation of incidents.

For more information: 402-323-4828 +

Medical Transport, Travel Security, Crisis Response
Premier global medical transport, travel security and crisis response program for NMA members at reduced rates.

Whether traveling for personal or business, domestically or international – when and where medical mishaps or crisis events occur are out of your control. With a Medjet membership, you have an empowering solution: unrivaled control of your health, safety, and security.

  • Discounted annual membership rates exclusive to NMA members, their staff, and friends start at $265 Individual/$360 Family.
  • Short and long term plans available as well as add-on options.
  • Comprehensive air medical transfer to a member’s home-country hospital of choice even if the member is in an adequate facility.
  • No requirements for critical or life-threatening illness of injury.
  • On-demand access to a dedicated 24/7 in-country response network.
  • Flyer

For more information: 800-527-7478 +

Rental Car Discounts
National/Enterprise Rent-A-Car® is the first choice for business travelers who need to rent near their home or office while providing savings to their company. National Car Rental® has long been favored by frequent renters at airports for speed and vehicle choice. With Emerald Club, the loyalty program of National Car Rental, members enjoy expedited service, greater ease, and exclusive rewards when renting at both Enterprise and National worldwide.

  • Bypass the counter and choose your own car.
  • E-receipts for faster rental return.
  • Emerald Aisle Access – Choose any car (Midsize and above) on the Emerald Aisle and only pay the Midsize rate (in U.S. and Canada).
  • Earn Emerald Club rental credits at participating Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations.

For more information: 877-881-5500 +

Expect Something More
You drive with greater peace of mind every day.  It’s a great comfort knowing AAA is standing by, ready to help you, 24 hours a day.

  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance.  Download the mobile app to request roadside assistance, find the lowest gas prices, and access to your member benefits in the palm of your hand.
  • Travel and Insurance Agency services providing exclusive offers and rates.
  • Save money with auto financing, access to pre-negotiated discounts at over 126,000 partner locations, and free Experian credit report and ID theft monitoring.

For more information: Benefit Sheet + 402-441-4500 x 552 +

Group Code: GTNE BMA

VaxCare is the industry-leading automation platform for vaccine management in over 22 states, and we’re excited to announce they have officially arrived in Nebraska!
VaxCare provides vaccines as a service to primary care by taking the financial risk, automating the workflow, and paying for doses administered. It’s a revolutionary net positive compensation model for managing and administering vaccines.

VaxCare completely reinvents your vaccine program, optimizing and elevating the vaccination experience for the practice and staff. Find out why this service has been sweeping the country and how it can enable more money for your practice, more time with your patients, and increased community immunization rates for Nebraska.

  • Vaccines at no cost
  • Automatic vaccine replenishment
  • Integrates with EMR
  • Paid for doses administered

For more information: Jason Minderman + +