Finance Committee

Jason Kruger, MD – Chair

The Finance Committee reviews financials and the proposed annual budget to discuss areas of opportunity before getting the Board of Directors input. The committee is involved in planning and oversight of the NMA investments, including the use of funding for NMA-specific projects or efforts. Per NMA Bylaws, the Finance Committee Chair is the acting BOD Secretary/Treasurer.

Committee members include:

  • Jason Kruger, MD – Chair
  • Mark Davis, MD
  • Travis Teetor, MD
  • Amy Reynoldson, EVP – Ex-Officio
  • Teresa Macias, Finance Administrator – Ex-Officio

Health Equity Committee

Ahsan Naseem, MD – Chair

The Health Equity Committee was formed through a resolution voted on by the membership in 2022 at the Annual Membership Meeting. The committee is focused on advocating for equitable healthcare for all individuals living in Nebraska by actively eliminating disparities in health outcomes and fostering diversity and inclusion in physician opportunities.  

Committee members include:

  • Ahsan Naseem, MD – Chair
  • Alex Dworak, MD
  • Julie Hamann, MD
  • Rubab Husain, MBBS
  • Ali Khan, MD
  • Quan Ly, MD
  • Nila Novotny, MD
  • Albert Owusu-Ansah, MBChB
  • Dayana Patera, MD
  • Dan Rosenquist, MD
  • Afsaneh Shirani, MD
  • Amy Reynoldson, EVP – Ex-Officio

Legislative Committee

Jordan Warchol, MD – Chair

The Legislative Committee is open to all NMA members and is the vehicle for determining the NMA’s position on introduced legislation at the Nebraska Legislature. The committee meets three times a year:

  • In December, before the legislative session begins, a briefing on any legislation the NMA itself will be introducing and any other bill drafts NMA staff have been made aware of. 
  • At the end of January, discuss bills introduced that impact the NMA. Committee members will provide insight into the bills and vote to provide guidance to the BOD and Executive Committee. 
  • At the end of the legislative session, recap and debrief on the results of bills the NMA took positions on and discuss plans for the next session. 

Nominations Committee

Dan Rosenquist, MD – Chair

The Nominating Committee selects candidates who meet the relevant eligibility criteria for the offices of President-Elect, At-Large Director, AMA Delegate and AMA Alternate Delegate.  The committee puts forth the list of candidates to the Board, who then approves and presents the slate of candidates to the membership for an election vote consistent with Section 4(c) of these Bylaws. Nominations are submitted to the Nominating Committee via a form the NMA provides.  

The Immediate Past-President of the NMA serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee. If the Immediate Past-President cannot serve, the President will appoint a Chair from among the remaining committee members.

The remaining committee members are the President, President-Elect, Chair of the AMA Delegation or their designee, three past NMA Presidents, and the Executive Vice President in a nonvoting capacity.

Resolution Committee

Kelly Caverzagie, MD – Chair

The Resolution Committee’s purpose is to assess all resolutions submitted and corresponding membership feedback that was collected through the online resolution platform. Formed by the NMA Board of Directors, this committee assesses whether resolutions should be revised based on member input and works with authors of such resolutions when considering revisions. The committee will determine the ultimate forms of each resolution to be presented at the annual meeting. The members of this committee are five members appointed annually by the Executive Committee.

Resolution Committee members include:

Rachel Blake, MD
Kelly Caverzagie, MD – Chair
Gerald Luckey, MD
Michael Visenio, MD
Jordan Warchol, MD

NMA Board

NMF Board