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General Health Topics/Resources for All Nebraskans

Breast Cancer Screening
Colon Cancer Screening
Skin Cancer Screening

Affordable Care Act Resources
Enroll Nebraska
How much will it cost you? (Zip code specific calculator) 

Child Restraint 
American Academy of Pediatrics Car Safety Seats
Nebraska Child Passenger Safety

NEW CAR SEAT LAW effective January 1, 2019
LB42 took effect on January 1, 2019. The key points to the law are:

  • Rear-facing until age 2 or until the child reaches the upper weight or height limit allowed by the child safety seat manufacturer.
  • Children up to age 8 must be correctly secured in a federally approved child safety seat. This includes booster seats for older kids.
  • Children up to age 8 must ride in the back seat unless the back seat of the vehicle is not available (children are recommended to ride in the backseat until age 13).

Concussion Awareness 
Brain Injury Association of Nebraska
CDC – Centers for Disease Control
Heads up to Parents
Heads up to Parents App

Immunizations and Vaccines
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
HPV facts
World Health Organization

Motor Vehicle Safety 
Distracted driving
Drive Smart Nebraska

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – Safe Sleeping Practices
AAP updates policy to discourage use of crib bumpers 
Safe to sleep

Sun Safety
Protect your skin from the sun

Tobacco Use
Stop smoking