Physicians are compassionate healers and their patients’ biggest allies. They persevered through years of medical school and residency to build connections with patients and provide the highest quality of care. However, all too often, physicians find themselves stuck between a desire to connect with patients and a need to navigate seemingly endless red tape and bureaucracy.

The best days for physicians come when they are close at hand with their patients, facing challenges head on and providing support to patients in their journey to health. Physicians’ worst days come when they spend valuable time fighting with third parties to ensure patients can access the care they need.

We all feel it – as patients when we are forced to call our insurance companies to get basic procedures approved, and as doctors when we are forced to prioritize a phone call with a bureaucrat about treatment options.

Physicians and patients agree that the doctor-patient relationship is essential to making the best health care decisions. They know that establishing a meaningful relationship is necessary to building trust and providing the most effective care and treatment. After all, physicians are supporting their patients through some of the most vulnerable moments in their lives.

Join us in pushing back against the bureaucratic red tape of healthcare and advocating for what matters most – time for physicians to connect with their patients.