As Future Physicians, the Activities of Organized Medicine are Important Both Now and in the Future

For over 150 years, Nebraska Medical Association has represented Nebraska physicians, residents/fellows, and medical students as the recognized voice of the medical profession. These members recognize the value of belonging to pre-eminent unifying physician medical organization in the state of Nebraska.

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Are You a Resident or Fellow?

Are You a Medical Student?

As medicine changes and the medical work environment evolves, no single organization in Nebraska has as much potential to play a leading role in shaping the future of the practice of medicine. The NMA is among the most effective lobbying organization working with the Legislature providing a physician voice in the development of health policy.

Join today to experience how residents like yourself are given the power and resources to make a difference in your profession.

Your Leadership Representative:

NMA Board of Directors 2023-24
Michael Visenio, MD
Resident Member

NMA’s Medical Student Chapter offers the next generation of physician leadership the chance to shape the future of medicine. Your elected Chapter representatives are charged with representing the interests of Nebraska medical students, while promoting the betterment of post-graduate training and quality patient care.

NMA is dedicated to supporting Nebraska medical students by offering free membership and encouraging participation at all levels of the organization.

Your Leadership Representatives:

Creighton University 2023-24
Co-Presidents – Maya Mathews, Samantha Thomas
AMA Alternate Delegate – Stone Zhang
AMA Delegate – Lina Tomczak
Health Policy Network Chair – Sowmya Kolluru
MOMS Representative – Nicole Horio
NMA Alternate Delegate – Duncan Crow
NMA Delegate – Marcos Gonzalez Perez
Outreach Chair – Rimzhim Kashikar
Recruitment Chair – Shali Devireddy
Secretary – Ashley Becker
Treasurer – Jessica Ung

University of Nebraska Medical Center 2023-24
President – Nick Bohannon
Vice President – Quinn Nelson
Advocacy Co-Chairs – Grace Kelly, Shalmali Mirajkar, Sarah Sweeney
AMA Alternate Delegate – Sarah Maki
AMA Delegate – Wyatt Lanik
MOMS Representative – Keland Potthoff
NMA Alternate Delegate – Elena Einspahr
NMA Delegate – Danielle Dircks
Philanthropy – Sarah Mullen, Alicia Phillips, Katie Vanderzwaag
Recruitment – Sophia Cima, Ryder Cuppett, Keegan Schuchart
Treasurer – Denise Torres